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Kai Kelly is a unique and highly skilled Personal Trainer with a multi-faceted approach to fitness and wellness. Her personable and engaging personality coupled with her wealth of knowledge and motivating drive make her a stand out trainer.  Kai holds certifications in Corrective Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Group Fitness, Kickboxing, Strength Training and Weight Lifting.


With experience ranging from High School athletes to retired senior citizens, Kai has had the opportunity to work with clients from various walks of life. She has spent the last 16 years in Orange County, California where she owned her own Private Gym and Yoga Studio. She was able to personally mentor her team of trainers and instructors and earn the title of "Best Personal Training Studio" and "Best Personal Trainers" in Orange County multiple years in a row.  Currently, she lives in her home town of Dallas Texas and has expanded her brand to reach DFW residents, businesses, and studios.


Kai has helped change countless lives through health and fitness.  She has a burning passion for fitness, knowledge, and internal self improvement that seeps out of her pores and is contagious to everyone around her.

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Kai has over 14 years experience as a Certified Personal Trainer.  She excels at working one on one with clients as each of her exercises are truly customized to the clients personal needs and goals.  Kai holds certifications in corrective exercise, basic to advanced body mechanics, TRX training, mat pliates, beginner to intermediate yoga, functional movements, body weight training, weight lifting, and high intensity interval training.


Kai creates fun and effective work outs for groups of 2 to 10 people.  She has experience with small group instruction of couples, co-workers, mother-daughter duos, wedding parties, to family and friends.  Kai travels to company gyms throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, providing weekly instruction to corporate teams before, after, and during office hours. 


The latest addition to the Fitness by Kai team is ASFA certified trainer, Cheyenne.  She is passionate about fitness and loves being a part of her clients' journey to improving their mind and body.  Our clients already have great things to say about her and we are so lucky to have her experience and help on this fitness journey.


We have moved to a new location, only miles from Fiori.  More info to come.

14160  Dallas Parkway
Suite #500

Dallas, TX 75001


Kai Kelly is an award winning and nationally recognized Personal Trainer.  She was the 2019 - 2020 female HotWorx Virtual Trainer.  Work out with her on-screen, at a HotWorx studio near you.

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Where do I begin?
I met Kai via and was immediately hooked after the first session. She has tailored each and every workout session to my personal fitness goals to maximize the effectiveness of seeing the results I so desired. I absolutely hated working out before and was very inconsistent. She’s not only taught me discipline, but she makes working out fun! 
This whole process has been therapeutic to me on an emotional level. From boosting my self-confidence to feeling comfortable in my own skin. It’s a game changer to say the least! I don’t just consider Kai a fitness master/guru, I consider her my friend. She’s helped me become a better looking and much healthier version of myself. 
I am thankful and grateful for her guidance in helping me achieve my goals.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that is simply wishing to become a better version of themselves.

Kai Kelly is a remarkable trainer!  Kai has been trainning our corporate team for a few months now.  Within 60 days, I noticed changes in my body tone and in the ability to improve my performance throughout her exercises.  Kai pays close attention to detail and makes sure that I am completing the exercises with proper form.  I would highly recommend Kai Kelly for personal or corporate training

- Steve Ziemke

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Kai gave me the structure and accountability I needed in my workout routine.  She knows when to push me and creates a safe, supportive environment to do so.  In just a month, I have enjoyed improved strength and body awareness, and I am beginning to see changes in all of my "problem areas."

- Brittany Jordan

- Jay Stover

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Serving the Dallas Area

14160  Dallas Parkway
Suite #500

Dallas, TX 75001

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