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Success Stories

Kai– ” A Major Change Was Needed So I Made It Happen!”

Kai Before and After

“It took a long time for me to understand that fitness and health were a lifestyle. Once I did there was no turning back. My philosophy now is “Change your mind, change your body”. You must think in a way your never thought in order to do something you never  believed was possible.”

Colleen– “Wanted to Get Back To My College Weight!”

Collen Success Story
“At the age of 39 I was ready to see if I could get back to my college weight of 115 pounds after going up to 135 and staying there for the past 12 years. After training with Fitness by Kai trainer Chris for 5 months I got down to 112 pounds and went from 20% body fat to 15%. The best part of it all is that I lost a total of 17 inches off my entire body”! You can also read my yelp review by clicking here!

Kathryn– ” I Wanted To Look Great In My Prom Dress!”

Kat Success Story
Kai transformed my body! I could not believe that my body could look like this! Click on photo to enlarge.

Terry– “I Lost Over 30 Pounds Working With Fitness by Kai!”

Terry Before and After
Before I started working out with Fitness by Kai. I had tried other places in the area that provided mostly group training, but I quickly realized that was not the route that I wanted to go. After starting with Chris at Fitness by Kai, I was all in. I immediately started their preferred diet plan and coupled with our workouts the weight began to shed. Let me be clear I worked hard with Chris to get where I am at I was not lucky. I guess the harder I worked the luckier I got. I look forward to more weight loss and muscle tone.

Sarkis– “Simply Put, Fitness by Kai Got Me Ripped!”

Chris Success
I was always where I wanted to be in terms of weight, but could never get muscle definition until I started training with Fitness by Kai finally all I can take my shirt of with confidence at all the Orange County beaches!

Jen-“I Lost 25 Pounds, 20 Inches and 10% Body Fat!”

Jen Before and After
If you are looking for a personal trainer to push you to succeed I highly recommend Kai! I could not have transformed without her. Trust me, I tried everything else before I met her. All I can say is the proof is in the pudding. Click here to read my Yelp review and this incredible article that Thumbtack did on my weight loss!

Lana-“I Lost 22 Pounds with Fitness by Kai!”

Lana Success
I always loved tennis at the Newport Beach Tennis Club, but the pace of life over ran me and the weight I put on really discouraged me from playing.Fitness by Kai helped me lose over 20 pounds pounds which allowed me to start playing tennis again. I no longer have pain in my joints after a round of tennis since the weight came off and the strain on my body is less.

Carissa– ” Fitness by Kai Took My Body To Another Level!”

When I started over a year ago at the Fitness by Kai Costa Mesa location I never knew that the outcome would be this phenomenal. I have lost 30 pounds and 22 inches of my body!

Engie– “The Text Says It All!”

Orange County Personal Training Client Success Story

Chandler– “I Lost 70 Pounds Training With Kai!”

There is not much to say, the photo speaks for itself, thank you Fitness by Kai!

Deb– “I Lost 50 Pounds with Fitness by Kai!”

Deb B&A
I never thought at my age shedding 50 pounds would be possible. In 8 months I lost 50 pounds and dropped 8% in body fat. At 50 years old I knew it would be much harder, but the trainers at Fitness by Kai showed me it was possible with dedication to exercise and diet!

KJ– “Fitness by Kai Had Me Looking Great For My Wedding”

KJ Wedding
My wedding day was March 12th 2013. I started training with Fitness by Kai 7 months prior. She transformed me! I dropped 4 pant sizes, 17 inches of my body and 26 pounds!

Ashley– “Another Success Text From A Client”

Client Ashley

Lindsay– “Fitness by Kai Kept Me in Shape for Tryouts”

I was trying out for my second season with the Lakers Girls and found Kai. Yes we have to try out every year and it’s our own responsibility to stay in shape during the off season if we want a shot at making the team! I needed a workout routine that would not only keep me in shape, but keep my endurance up during my dance routine at tryouts. After a lazy summer, I chose Kai because she promised me she would cater our work outs so that I remain flexible, keep my stamina and of course look good for tryouts. She delivered it all and was very professional while training me. She kept my identity confidential and never told anyone she was training a “Laker Girl”. Needless to say I made it!

Ashley– “The Text Message Says It All, Thanks Fitness by Kai!”

Client Ashley

Maurice– “I Got the Old Maurice Back After”

After 7 years I knew I needed to get rid of the weight I gained after meeting my fiance. While training with Fitness by Kai I lost 10 pounds and 3% body in a little over 2 months.

Adrean-“I Never Thought I Would End Up Looking Like This!”

Adrean Success

Not in a million year did I think that my body had the capability to look this way! Melinda at Fitness by Kai pushes me to my limit and always helps me believe that sky is the limit with focus and dedication. When I first started, I was at 22% body fat now I am down to 16% and look like this, although it was not easy, this was in just 4 months! I can honestly tell you this definition in my back and arms were light years away before I met with the Fitness by Kai team. They have made fitness my life! Thanks Melinda!

Christine- ” I Owe My Progression To Fitness by Kai!”


Jenna– “Fitness by Kai Got My Old Body Back!”

Personal Trainers Orange County

Stephanie-“Fitness by Kai Helped Me Get A Competition Body!”

Steph Before and After
I started out at a body weight of 148 lbs and 26% body fat when I first came to Kai in November of 2010. After committing to have the body of fitness model I finally accomplished my goal! After a lot of hard work and dedication I made it! Now I weigh 128 lbs and 12% body fat! I dropped a staggering amount of weight and cut my body fat to less than 50%! I am so excited to compete!

Tim-“I Lost 9 Pounds In 4 1/2 Weeks Fitness by Kai!”

That is correct, I lost close to 10 pounds in just 4 1/2 weeks!

Kara– I Lost 40 Pounds Working With Fitness by Kai!”

I met Kai I was pretty lazy. I didn’t even know how to exercise properly and know where to start! Sitting on the computer all day at work, then when I got home I would get sucked in the world of Face Book. Before I knew it walking up the stairs would make me short of breathe. One day I decided to take a walk up Cliff Drive in Newport Beach and saw Kai running down Cliff Drive. She stopped to stretch, I asked her for some tips because she was in such good shape. She said, “why don’t you come in for a free assessment I am a personal trainer in Newport Beach”. Well I had nothing to lose but weight so I gave it a try 2 days later. Well the free assessment turned into 12 months of personal training sessions! I lost 40 pounds. learned how to lose weight and unique work out routines. Kai stuck by me even when I was being difficult, motivated me without yelling and in the end changed my life! Kai is truly an inspiration! Thanks

Lou– Even At 60 Years Young Its Not Too Late to Get Fit!”

I lost 47 pounds working out with Fitness by Kai! My doctor told me if I did not lose weight I may not make it past my 60’s due to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Kai helped me get all my levels down and my weight. Extremely happy with what I done and learned here!

Tessa– Kai Got Me Fit!”

I was feeling that even though I was constantly varying my routine, nothing was changing. I started working out with Kai my personal trainer in Newport Beach and now I am stronger than ever! Kai pushes me and challenges me every week with fresh and fun work out routines. She is knowledgeable and customizes the workouts specific to my abilities, but adjusts them regularly so it never gets easy or boring. She is a fantastic personal trainer and a shining example of her knowledge and experience of personal training in Newport Beach. I always look forward to working out with Kai! She really has the key to not only your weight loss, but the key to teaching you how to lose weight properly. Thanks Kai for being the best female personal trainer in Orange County -T. Mass

Melissa– Her Words Say It All!”


Karin– Thanks Kai!”

I was already in decent shape, but there were some areas of my body I really wanted to tighten up. After trying my own workouts I decided to invest in Kai as my personal trainer in Newport Beach. We did a little tweaking of my diet foods added some new workout exercises I got my desired results within 3 months. I now train with Kai at least once a week just to keep me sharp and hold myself accountable so I don’t forget how to lose weight;). Sometimes accountability is all someone needs.

Another Humbling Email!


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